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Expanding our thermocouple team at TE Wire & Cable

Posted by Joseph Ugalde

Dec 27, 2016 2:36:10 PM

First off, I would like to cordially introduce myself as Joe Ugalde, the newly inducted Product Marketing Specialist at TE Wire & Cable LLC, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. I must say it's very much a privilege to be able to join the TE Wire team and to have the opportunity of working amongst like-minded individuals who strive for making a great product every single day on the job.


Topics: low-drift cable, mineral insulated thermocouple, new year

New Low-Drift Thermocouple Cable Technology Reduces Drift by Over 80%! [News Release]

Posted by Pat Durkin

Oct 4, 2016 9:37:22 AM

TE Wire Signs Licensing Agreement with Cambridge Enterprise for Low-Drift Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable Technology

Supports higher accuracy temperature measurements, longer life, improved drift characteristics 


Topics: wire design, metallurgy, low-drift cable, aerospace, mineral insulated thermocouple

Need metallurgy thermocouple wire that can take the heat? [Titanium 2016]

Posted by Vlad Fedorchak

Sep 21, 2016 12:16:21 PM


Topics: high-temperature wire, metallurgy, heat treat

The Greatest Thermocouple Wire Innovation in over 50 years! [FNA 2016]

Posted by Vlad Fedorchak

Sep 21, 2016 11:10:56 AM


TE Wire to showcase high accuracy thermocouple wire and cable solutions for metallurgy applications at Furnaces North America 2016... including the greatest thermocouple wire innovation in over 50 years!


Topics: ISO17025, high-temperature wire, metallurgy

What do CAMX, a Mickey Mouse operation and Tool Thermocouples have in common?

Posted by Joanne Ward

Sep 8, 2016 12:06:53 PM

Are you in the aviation/aerospace market? Do you manufacture aerospace composites?


Then no doubt you are aware that CAMX 2016 is right around the corner. The exhibition booth spaces have been sold out for months. It helps that a well-known Mickey Mouse operation is located next door. I may even visit Disney’s California Adventure Park myself.  


Topics: Thermocouple Traceability, Aerospace Composites, AMS2750E, Tool Thermocouple

Temperature Measurement with Expendable Load Thermocouples in Aerospace, Metallurgy Applications

Posted by Vlad Fedorchak

Sep 6, 2016 10:56:34 AM

In heat treatment applications there are two important considerations concerning temperature: the furnace temperature and the load temperature. Both are measured with thermocouples. These thermocouples are often referred to as control and load thermocouples.  



Aerospace Composite Manufacturers: How NADCAP & AMS2750E Grow Business

Posted by Pat Durkin

Sep 2, 2016 10:08:46 AM

I had the privilege of attending the latest NADCAP meetings in Montreal late in June. Because so many of our customers in both metallurgy and aerospace composites manufacturing require NADCAP certification, I want to be sure we’re on top of all the requirements. So, I regularly attend two or three meetings yearly and sit in on the Composites Task Group.


Topics: Aerospace Composites, NADCAP, AMS2750E, metallurgy

Voice of Customer on Aerospace Composites Autoclave Thermocouples

Posted by Pat Durkin

Jul 11, 2016 4:32:17 PM

At the SAMPE Long Beach conference and exhibition this past May, our management and sales team had the chance to speak with various exhibitors and attendees on topics related to the importance and value of proper thermocouple application to aviation and aerospace autoclave manufacturing processes.


Topics: Aerospace Composites

4 Pitfalls of Invar Tool Thermocouples and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Vlad Fedorchak

Jun 23, 2016 1:15:52 PM

The molds or tools used for forming and mass producing composite parts can be made of many materials. However, for mass production of complex high performance aerospace composite parts, the material has to be hard enough to maintain its dimensional and surface finish characteristics. The most common material for commercial and military programs that I have seen during my plant tours is invar (64FeNi), a high performance metal with low coefficient of thermal expansion.


Topics: Aerospace Composites, Autoclave Thermocouples

How can I help YOU do YOUR job better?

Posted by Vlad Fedorchak

Jun 22, 2016 8:27:02 AM

No doubt, many of you are familiar with a famous Tom Cruise scene in the movie Jerry McGuire. Well, this is my "HELP ME, HELP YOU!" moment.


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