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Finding the Right TE Wire Product: Industrial Application Guide

Posted by Joseph Ugalde

Oct 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

TE Wire & Cable manufactures a full line of thermocouple wire and cable, from iron and nickel-based alloys, and copper instrument and control cable. All of us at TE Wire & Cable LLC are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products in temperature measurement available today. We are committed to continue our more than 75 year history of being the most widely respected and recognized name in thermocouple wire and cable, and related products. Our products can be applied to broader industry classifications such as Metallurgy, Industrial OEM, and Aerospace & Composites. 


Due to our wide variety of products, we wanted to make it easier for you, the customer, to decide which product is right for you based on the industry of the company. Our Industrial Application Guide classifies industry subsections, products that apply to them, and industrial applications! 


For example, our products that apply to the Aluminum industry are CEFIR®, G, HG, Q, and Accutherm™. The applications of these products for the Aluminum industry include:

  • Thermocouples for homogenizing furnaces to preheat billets.
  • Coils stress relieving / aging temperature measurement.
  • Extrusions stress relieving temperature measurement.
  • Multipoint furnace surveys when temperature certification is needed for quality control.
  • Temperature measurement when melting or pouring.


Another example is our products in the Glass, Ceramics, Clay Tiles, Bricks industry, which are B, CEFIR®, G, K, Q, TEX, and TF. The applications of these products for the Glass, Ceramics, Clay Tiles, Bricks industry include:

  • Brick and tile curing in long kilns.
  • Traveling thermocouples to survey kiln temperatures.
  • Glass/fiberglass manufacturing plants
  • High temperature areas.
  • Note: Insulation can be any one or a combination of those listed to meet the individual requirements.


Want to learn more about our products ranging from the Aerospace Composite Industry to the Utilities Power Generation Industry? See the full Industrial Application Guide HERE! 

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