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NADCAP Group define AMS2750E Adjunct Spec for Aerospace Composites

Posted by Pat Durkin

Mar 6, 2014 8:34:00 AM

I recently participated in two NADCAP* group sessions in London, UK over the week of February 23-27, 2014; Composite Task Group and the Heat Treating Task Group. The attendance at both groups was impressive with a good population of primes and suppliers from around the globe.


For both groups, having accurate, repeatable temperature measurements is a key performance indicator (KPI) metric for member companies.


Within the Composite Task Group, meeting the temperature measurement requirements was the topic of interest motivating progress in developing an adjunct specification to AMS2750E, which is the current document ‘Aerospace Material Specification for Pyrometry’ under the auspices of SAE.


For years, the AMS 2750 Pyrometry specification has been applied to metal heat treat processing in the aerospace industry worldwide. While the aerospace composite manufacturing industry has sometimes required it and sometimes been silent on the subject, the Composite Task Group has been working toward a ‘slash’ document that would reference the AMS2750 requirements specific to the needs and processes of the aerospace composite industry. Because composite parts are cured in both autoclaves and ovens, this new document would apply to both types of equipment, as appropriate to the manufacturing processes.


 This standardization would cover:

• TUS (Temperature Uniformity Surveys) and
   SAT (System Accuracy Tests),
• Number of TUS sensors required,
• Frequency of both TUS tests and SAT tests,
• Calibration techniques and
• Accuracy requirements.


Additionally, because of the unique processes involved in the composites manufacturing industry, vacuum and pressure sections will also be included.


For decades, TE Wire has recognized the importance of accurate, repeatable temperature measurements to composites manufacturers. As a result, our experience is quite diverse in providing the thermocouple wire products that will meet the need for accuracy, repeatability, and durability for TUS and SAT sensor compliance. Whether long lengths of bulk thermocouple wire or pre-made AccuClave autoclave thermocouples, we work hard to assure that our products will comply and surpass the AMS2750E requirements.


Do you have any questions related to the AMS2750E specification or what it takes to meet the requirements for your aerospace composites application?


*NADCAP, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, is a cooperative effort spearheaded by the Performance Review Institute (PRI).


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