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Aerospace Composites Products Overview

Posted by Joseph Ugalde

Nov 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

For decades, TE Wire has been working with aerospace composites manufacturers and learning about their toughest challenges. Our patented pre-made thermocouple assemblies are designed for demanding high temperature aerospace autoclave applications. In use across the industry, AccuClave Series products deliver a proven ROI in labor savings, ease of installation/replacement, simple TRAC traceability and reduced non-conformances. 

AccuClaveHR-1_3600-1The IIot Smart AccuClave® Thermocouples™ are used for lead/lag, load and tool thermocouples, out of autoclave temperature monitoring, oven curing, hot bonder thermocouples, and autoclave processing. These thermocouples save time and money due to their system of optimized automated traceability for Thermocouples. To learn more, download the  IIoT Smart Thermocouple™ brochure HERE.


2-AccuClave-autoclave-thermocouple-assembly-5AccuClave® Autoclave thermocouple assemblies are available in temperatures up to +300°C/ +572°F. They are used in aerospace composites and autoclaves, and come in J type thermocouple or K type thermocouple calibration with custom construction. Our AccuClave® autoclave thermocouple assemblies also have TRAC – the easiest traceability in the industry! CLICK HERE to see a demo of TRAC in action! Our AccuClave® Thermocouple Assemblies are inexpensive, leakproof, and can be easily replaced after one or more uses. In use across the industry, AccuClave Series products deliver a proven ROI in labor savings, ease of installation/replacement, simple TRAC traceability, and reduced non-conformance. 


AccuClaveHR-2_5400AccuClave®-X are our Autoclave Thermocouple Cable Extensions, which bridge the long runs between thermocouples and instrumentation or jack panels. They are reusable as they remain in place in the autoclave, and are available in lengths of 10, 20, and 30 feet. These extension cables conform to ASTM E230, IEC 584, ANSI MC 96.1 and BAC 5621. Savings on replacing long length thermocouples pays back the cost of the AccuClave®-X Extension Cables in only a few curing cycles!


AccuConnectHR_3600AccuConnect™ Assemblies are innovative, multi-circuit thermocouple extension cable harnesses that you use to improve cable connectivity in autoclave applications. AccuConnect™ can be supplied as 6, 12 or 24 cables terminated with a multi-pin connector on one end with free-floating, independent male or female connections at the opposite end. The AccuConnect™ design provides assured accuracy and long term use. They reduce autoclave setup time by up to 90% and are reusable: rated 200°C (400°F) @ ±2°F (1.1°C ). AccuConnect™ Assemblies have BAC 5621 compliance and ease of traceability for NADCAP audits. They are available in Type J or Type K thermocouple assemblies.


AccuFlexHR_3600AccuFlex™ Assemblies are innovative, low-profile, flat thermocouple cable assemblies. As a recent addition to the AccuClave® autoclave pre-assembled thermocouple series, the design was inspired by the need for very small cross-section thermocouple wire required for the field repair of composites, such as repairing damaged aircraft flight surfaces. AccuFlex™ Assemblies are rated for temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) and have a minimal mark-off – 4x thinner than equivalent 28 gauge round cable. There is a quick and easy seal between the vacuum bag and instrumentation. Lastly, AccuFlex™ Assemblies have BAC 5621 compliance, ease of traceability for NADCAP audits, and are available in Type J or Type K thermocouple assemblies.


skintempOur SkinTemp™ Flat Junction Tool Thermocouples have fiberglass construction rated for continuous use up to +510°C/ +950°F. They are used for a parallel fit on tools, and come in type J, K, T, N, or E thermocouple. SkinTemp™ Flat Junction Tool Thermocouples are also available in FEP, PFA, & Polyimide. 


To learn more about our products, we invite you to download our FREE and NEW Ultimate Thermocouple Resources Guide for Aerospace Autoclave Composite Manufacturers.


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