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Product Spotlight: CEFIR® Series

Posted by Joseph Ugalde

Nov 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

At TE Wire & Cable, we understand the demands of high-temperature metallurgy applications in the nickel alloy, titanium, and aluminum industry. High temperature thermocouple wire is a key component in temperature monitoring and measurement. At TE Wire, we don’t care how much you turn up the heat because we know how to handle the intense temperatures in metallurgy applications. Using our in-plant ISO17025 accredited calibration lab, we develop T/C wire and cable products that deliver exceptional performance and help our customers meet global quality standards. Our thermocouple wire and thermocouple extension cable solutions are ideal for the following metallurgy applications: component testing, heat treatment, furnace surveys and metals production. 


cefir2200For example, do you know about the features of our CEFIR® Series products? Our CEFIR® 2200 Ceramic Fiber Insulated Braid has a maximum single exposure temperature of 2200°F (1200°C) and a continuous temperature of 2000°F (1100°C) as well as good abrasion resistance. This product is available in standard build and heavy build ceramic fiber. Applications of the CEFIR® 2200 Ceramic Fiber Insulated Braid include: Heat Treatment, Component Testing, Steel and Aluminum Industry, Metals Production, Furnace Surveys, and Beaded Thermocouple Replacement. This product was designed for extreme temperature applications due to the ceramic fiber braiding on the individual conductors and jacket. The high temperature limit of CEFIR® allows it to be used in areas where beaded ceramic thermocouples or sheathed thermocouples were previously specified. CEFIR is available with or without saturant or tracers. We also produce the CEFIR® 2400 Ceramic Fiber Insulated Braid, which has a maximum single exposure temperature of 2400°F (1200°C) and a continuous temperature of 2200°F (1100°C). 


CEFIR® Series products are braided ceramic fiber insulated with parallel conductor construction. Available options for our CEFIR products are: 

• Colored Tracers for Polarity Identification

• Impregnated Insulation and Jackets
• MICA/Glass Barrier Tape
• Stabilized Type K & Type E Conductors
• Twisted Pair
• Metal Coverings
• Tighter Than Special Limit Accuracy Tolerances
• Calibration Test Reports


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