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Are you looking for Oil & Gas Downhole Solutions?

Posted by Vlad Fedorchak

Jan 27, 2016 11:47:39 AM

After achieving success in downhole applications in North America with one of our high temperature extruded thermocouple products, TE Wire & Cable is pleased to announce that we’ve joined the Oil & Gas Downhole Team, a dedicated solutions team comprised of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable companies including RSCC, Kerite and Harbour.




After entry into this new market, we attended the 2015 ESP/Electric Submersible Pump Gulf Coast Workshop and spoke to many of the industry’s largest companies to figure out whether we had an opportunity to introduce new products and become a supplier for oil and gas industry temperature measurement products. Our group quickly became an invaluable source for contacts and ideas for innovative solutions.


With the oil prices being at their lowest in over a decade, the industry is looking for alternative sources that can deliver efficiencies, lower cost and provide longer service life.


The Oil & Gas Downhole Team is a combination of four Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable (Marmon EWC) companies dedicated to developing and supplying solutions to the oil and gas industries. Each company delivering a unique, industry leading product to the downhole oil and gas market.


  • RSCC supplies a full line of Perma-TEC sensor cables.
  • Kerite has a full line of ESP cables.
  • Harbour delivers an amazing value and performance in their high temp motor winding wire under the Hartrex product line.
  • TE Wire is a relative newcomer and the downhole thermocouple products that we are developing have raised interest with a number of big companies in field completion services.  (Click for more information.)


With the combined strength of these four companies and the Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable Innovation & Technology Center, we look forward to putting our 100-plus years of expertise and experience in helping our present and future clients get the right wire and cable products that will help assure their success.


The new Oil & Gas Downhole Solutions website will be launching in mid-February, so keep an eye on our blog for further details.


The following TE Wire products are being used by a number of customers in the petroleum industry:



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