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Thermocouple Wire Recycling Part II: 5 Easy Steps to Get Started

Posted by Joanne Ward

Jul 31, 2014 10:07:00 AM

In part I, we discussed the key benefits of thermocouple wire recycling. On the business side, it helps you recoup some of your initial equipment investment and creates jobs in the scrap metal industry. From an environmental perspective, it repurposes millions of tons of material that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.
(NOTE: Secondary refining companies like Specialty Metals deal exclusively with precious metal bearing materials. There are buyers for base metals, but generally, they like to see large volumes at a time.)


Now that you’re convinced that this type of recycling is important, how do you get started? Begin your thermocouple wire recycling program with the following five easy steps:


  1. Take inventory of your used thermocouple wire, including the type and weight of the material. Ideal recycleiconwire types for recycling include Type B, R and S standard thermocouple wire, Type P (Platinel II) thermocouple wire (palladium, platinum and gold alloy), platinum alloy thermocouple wire and pure platinum thermocouple wire.
  2. Identify a recycling company to partner with and contact its sales department. For example, Specialty Metals offers excellent precious metal recycling service.

  3. Ask the company about its processing time and payment schedule. Try to find a company that will provide payment within three to four weeks of receiving your used TC wire.

  4. Inquire about refining rates and processing fees. Make sure they fit your budget and fall below the amount you’ll be compensated for your recycled material.

  5. Once you have a pricing and processing agreement in place, package your used thermocouple wire and send it to the appropriate address for processing.


It’s really that easy. Once you get a working relationship started with a company you trust, subsequent recycling projects will seem like a breeze because you’ll know exactly what to do. And rest assured that the effort you make to recycle your thermocouple wire pales in comparison to the benefits. You will feel good about helping the planet as well as protecting your company’s bottom line.


Read this article from Specialty Metals to learn more about how to recycle your thermocouple wire. 


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