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What's HOT at Heat Treat 2017?

Posted by Joseph Ugalde

Oct 23, 2017 2:45:44 PM


If you’ve found it challenging to make the right thermocouple wire selection for your various heat treatment applications, you’re not alone. There are many considerations, all of which can result in manufacturing issues and other problems if you don’t make an educated decision.  



That’s why I’m excited about the 29th Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition at The Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.


Our team will be at the show on October 24th through the 26th at Booth 2633 to answer your questions about the proper use of thermocouple sensors in your most challenging high temperature applications.


One of the hottest topics and biggest challenges that many heat treatment applications face is that of thermocouple drift. It’s a problem that the TE Wire team has been working diligently with our technology partners at CCPI Europe and the University of Cambridge to solve through an advanced low-drift thermocouple cable solution.


Trevor Ford from CCPI Europe will be addressing this topic in his presentation "Low Drift Type K Thermocouple Cable for Aerospace Applications" at Location A210-212 on Tuesday, October 24th at 4:20pm. 


If you have plans to attend the Heat Treat 2017 Expo, I'd like to invite you to Trevor’s presentation as well as to stop by and visit with me at Booth 2633 during the show. 


TE Wire offers high-quality, high-accuracy thermocouple (T/C) wire and extension cable solutions for high temperature metallurgy and heat treatment applications, whether it's for metals processing, furnace TUS surveys, part and load T/C, etc. Our in-house lab also ensures that our products meet the requirements of AMS2750 Rev E and NADCAP audits.

Please feel free stop by Booth 2633 at any time during show hours and quench your thirst for the latest on thermocouple wire and cable solutions—including our low drift mineral insulated cable solution.


You can also CLICK HERE to request a one-on-one meeting during Heat Treat and receive your FREE gift.


If you won't be attending the show, but you would like to attend our webinar online, you can CLICK HERE and enter "Low Drift Webinar" in the form.


I’m looking forward to seeing you there!



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